A majority may perceive a carwash business as an odd job. However, the industry alone is an avenue to the millionaires’ club membership. Car washing guarantees you clean untaxed money with customers in every season.

Expert advice from the chief executive officer of Big Finance, an advisory and consultant firm, says that every business venture is capable of bearing profit. All that is required of a business person is exploiting the value of his business. A carwash venture is no different!

Starting capital for carwash business will vary due to the different nature of the venture. A person who aims to wash cars using simple tools like a bucket, soap, and cloth will require low starting capital. However, one who strives to provide automatic and full service will need much more capital. There is also the self-service nature of the business. The initial investment ranges from UGShs200, 000 to UGShs1 million. More costs may be incurred where one is required to rent space or a yard for the carwash business. In Kampala, the standard fee charged for washing is UGShs10, 000 on average, per vehicle. Busy outlets such as popular hotels, bars & shopping centers and offices are advantageous as you are almost assured to wash about 10 vehicles daily.

It is essential for a businessperson to be aware of the different market charges of washing different cars. The costs vary depending on the size of the vehicle and the type of service required. A full wash of a small car is charged at UGShs10, 000. The charge increases with UGShs25, 000 if washing the engine is included.  Big cars like Toyota Land Cruiser are charged UGShs25, 000 for full body wash and UGShs50, 000 where the engine is also cleaned.

A carwash business experiences several challenges just like any other business. The major one being vandalism of vehicles. Theft may be occustrated by your employees or other people. It is important to constantly monitor the safety of vehicles while they are on your business premise. Security guards may be required in places where the threat is high.

Location of your business is quite important. Make sure the business is in a place with a high number of vehicles. Market your business in order to attract customers. This may be done by using fliers. If you are experiencing a challenge with capital, it is advisable to find a suitable partner with whom you can finance the business. Always make sure you are in constant supply of clean water, preferably a natural water source.

Most importantly, prioritize security of your customer’s cars. Ensure that your employees do an excellent job of cleaning the cars.