Nokian Tyres, a leading auto-tire manufacturing company that rides on the heels of Eustore247 wants to explore African market. The company will launch its brand in Nigeria on February 23, 2018. The event will take place at the Oriental Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Automotive experts and researchers recognize the effectiveness of Nokian Tyres. The company’s liability covers manufacture defects and raw material for five years from the manufacturing date. The tire design enables drivers to drive safely even in extreme weather conditions. Moreover, with the launch in Nigeria, the automobile industry will experience changes.

Nokian Tyres will do their businesses through The platform usually employs strategies to change automobile business in Nigeria.  Currently, the CEO of Eustore247 confirmed that he will attend the launch. Moreover, Ismo Sillanpaa, the Nigerian representative of Nokian Tyres and the brand’s managing director will attend.

During the launch, Nokian Tyres will showcase their innovations that have helped to enhance the tire safety. Moreover, since the tires have high-tech structural solutions that make drivers not to worry about their safety, the company will explain the technology behind it. Nokian Tyres uses Aramid Sidewalls technology and Nokian Rookproof to enhance the safety of tires. The technology used ensures that the sidewalls of the tires are adequately reinforced. Besides, the technology offers the tires adequate resistance to cuts and wears.