Uber is planning to improve users’ experience. They want their users to experience something different from the usual uber services rendered. These guidelines are provided to ensure that drivers and riders enjoy five-star rides whenever they make use of Uber services. Please pay attention to them. Know that the way you behave matters whether you are a rider or driver.

Respect one another

You have to treat the rider or driver with respect. Treat them the way you want others to treat you. Do not insult, shout or slam the door of the car. Tidy up the car whenever you mistakenly spill your drink or do something else that makes it look untidy. Take trash home if you cannot dispose of them. Ensure the car is left in a good condition the next rider that will make use of it. You will come across people with different views and looks when using Uber. Please respect their uniqueness and views. Our goal is to make everyone feel happy and special using Uber.

Give drivers and riders some space

We all like to have our privacy and personal space. It is what we love as humans. You can have a chat with whoever you come across in the car, but do not trespass. For instance, do not comment on anyone’s appearance or ask if they are single. Keep your voice down when making phone calls to avoid disturbing the other riders or driver. Do not forcefully touch or flirt with anyone in the same car with you. Be reminded that there is no sex rule in uber.

Safety should come first

We are mostly in haste to move from location A to Location B but safety should always come first. Follow the local traffic law when driving and check other safety tips for riders. Always remember to buckle up whenever you get in the car, whether you are occupying the back or front seat. Do not carry your guns along with you if you have any intention of using Uber services. Drivers also have a role to play as far as safety is concerned. This includes following the speed limit; making use of phone mount; not texting and driving at the same time; driving after consuming drugs or alcohol.

Supervise children

Uber accounts are meant for an adult. That is to say, parents and guardians must accompany children always.

Give feed back

Rate every journey you embark upon. Your feedback will help uber serve you better and ensure everyone in the community is accountable.