Taxify was recently launched in Uganda, and many drivers have signed up for this hauling services, but they face their rival Uber which has gained grounds in the country.

The two will now be competing for the same customers as riders continue to praise uber services for being pocket-friendly and offering best services. Other hail riding service providers like real, Friendship taxi and Quick taxi are also in the market to make the market more competitive.

This article will compare the two service providers, Uber and Taxify on various grounds like area coverage, price, payment methods, and availability.


Both Uber and Taxify operate widely in Entebbe and Kampala, but the operations of Uber are limited to some parts of city outskirts. Taxify has increased its area coverage as it allows rides to other parts of the city that Uber doesn’t cover.


The fares of the two hail providers are dependent on the distance and time of the ride. They both rely on advanced mapping software for accurate pricing. However, Uber is perceived to be more affordable as compared to Taxify and they give fare estimates for riders who can decide to use different routes and the fare may vary. To attain a good brand name in Uganda, Taxify to put good measures in place. Uber charge their drivers 25% service charges but Taxify charge 15%, and this has led to some Uber drivers shifting to Taxify.

Payment Method

Both Uber and Taxify allow cash and credit card payments but not mobile money which is widely used in Uganda. Uber offers referral coupons and promo codes which can be exchanged for a free ride for directing new riders. Taxify offers free credit of up to Ugx 10, 000 for referral of new riders and it is redeemable.


Uber and Taxify services are available 24/7, and both have free apps. Taxify operates in most parts of Uganda, but Uber has limited coverage in only selected towns. The latest Play store statistics reveal that Taxify has over 1 million users globally while Uber has over 100 million downloads globally. Additionally, Uber app has a user rank of 4.2/5, and 0.3% of users have reviewed the app.