The demand for the Kenyan assembled Mobius II model car has grown beyond what the company anticipated. The vehicle is all-weather roads vehicle.

Initially, the company manufactured 50 vehicles which were all sold out. In the second phase of its production, Mobius produced 100 units due to the rise in demand. The company identifies itself with Africa and it is proud to be producing the cheapest vehicle.

As proof of its growing popularity, it has been receiving orders from Europe, the US and neighboring countries. This is according to the company’s Director, Markus Schroder.

The director is ready to increase the units of the vehicle produced to cater for the growing market which the company is already experiencing.

At the moment, most of the people who have preordered for the vehicle are from Kenya but there are some other customers from Uganda, US, and Tanzania, according to Schroder.

After the first batch of Mobius II sold out last year, the company opened up for preorders as from August last year.

Rough terrain

The Mobius was manufactured to provide transport in the rough terrain in Kenya. Mobius II is targeted to help farmers with the long-distance market and to address rough terrain in rural areas in Kenya. The founder of the company is a Briton who moved to Kenya in 2009. He chose to settle in Kilifi, and then he moved to Mombasa then finally in Nairobi.

The new generation all-terrain vehicle has three models. The most expensive of the three is rated at sh. 1.58 million after tax. It goes by the name Mobius Adventure Plus. The other models are Cargo and Adventure. The difference between the three models is their functionality when on the road.

Cargo is available in color black only and it is an entry model. It has been produced mainly for transportation and it is expected to cost sh.1.3 million after VAT.

The adventure will cost sh 1.4 million. You can only get it in either dark blue color or black. Its tires are all terrain and have an additional spare tire mounted on the rear. It also has a double bar on its rear and front bumpers. In addition, it has three rear seats which the cargo model lacks.

You can get the Adventure Plus model in dark blue, light blue and black colors. It has an 8-inch screen, aluminum side steps, air conditioning unit, and alloy rims. The three Mobius II models are fitted with a 1800cc engine.

For the company to meet its expectations in terms of production, it hopes to employ more staff. The company hopes to employ body shop technicians, fabricators, material handlers, quality assurance persons, and paint shop, operators.

Interested people need to pay a deposit of sh 50,000. If anyone is no longer interested in the vehicle, the company can refund the deposit.