Uganda permits anyone holding a driving license from his/her country of origin to use it for three months provided it is written in English. Woe unto foreigners whose licenses are not in English for you will be expected to provide a notarized translation of your license. Besides, Uganda allows foreigners with an international driving permit to use them for three months. After three months and you want to extend your stay, you will be required to obtain a Ugandan driving license.

The following traffic rules guide road operations in Uganda:

  • It is prohibited to use mobile phone while driving ϖ Both drivers and passengers must fasten safety belts
  • Drivers must give way to traffic from the right-hand side at intersections
  • The permissible level of alcohol in the blood is 0.08%, and it is illegal to drive under the influence of any drug
  • A rear-facing baby seat must not be fitted into a seat protected by an active frontal airbag
  • You must have a driving license to drive any motor vehicle
  • You must have third party motor vehicle insurance
  • Minimum age for driving is 18 years
  • The speed limits are 100, 80 and 50km/h for highways, outside built-up areas and urban built-up areas respectively
  • The police emergency contact is 999

Uganda traffic police may need to undertake eyesight test so if you are a driver and you wear glasses, and you must wear them as you drive. Accidents are inevitable, and in case as a driver, you are involved in such, report to the nearest police station in less than 24 hours. Besides, you should take pictures of the accident scene to forward to the vehicle insurance company. Sometimes, you might need to rent a car, but the conditions are clear, you must be ready to have your license held for at least two years by the car rental company, and you must be 23 years and above.