A requirement for motor owners in Uganda to have their vehicles undergo the larger population has snubbed inspection. The vehicle inspection includes transmission, suspension and exhaust functionality tests among others.

The Parliament Committee on Physical Infrastructure put out a report indicating that out of the estimated 800, 000 cars in Uganda, only 31, 327 have been inspected. The majority report indicated that only a small percentage of vehicles had been inspected as of August 2017. It also stated that the high cost of inspection charged on motorists had significantly contributed to the low numbers. Additionally, the minority report indicated that there were only a few inspection posts in Uganda. These are the one in Mbale in eastern Uganda, at Kawanda, Kampala station, and the one in Namulanda, Wakiso District.

Inspection of a vehicle is currently charged at UG Sh43, 000 by Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS). Investigation for a dual purpose car is charged at UG Sh93, 000. A commuter car with a capacity of seven to twenty passengers is charged at UG Sh103, 000. Inspection of a 20 to 60 passenger capacity vehicle is charged at UG Sh50, 000. A vehicle for transporting goods that weighs between 3.5 tons and 10 tons is inspected at a cost of UG Sh125, 000. A vehicle weighing less than 3.5 tons is charged at UG Sh93, 400 while one weighing above 10 tons is charged at UG Sh50, 000. A two-axle trailer is charged at UG Sh16, 000.

The Parliament’s majority report recommended a review of the current inspection charges to lower costs. The report cited that this would encourage more motorists to have their vehicles inspected. Additionally, the majority November 2017 report released on 9th February 2018 recommended that the Ministry of Works and Transport should carry out these reviews. The report also cited that the police unit, the National Bureau of Standards and the National Environment Management Authority should work together on this issue. This would ensure that enforcement, air safety, and standards are addressed at a go. However, the minority report suggested that the police unit should carry out the inspection since it has a nationwide presence.

The parliament is set to debate both the majority and minority reports during which it will vote on the recommendations. Motorists are awaiting the government to implement the final parliament recommendations.