You need to repair your car in Uganda, but in a market where the diversity of services, prices and service providers exists, it is sometimes difficult to find one. To leave your vehicle at the garage is often a source of anguish for its owner. Here are some tips that CarKibanda identified for you:

Training of mechanics

The best mechanics trained in Uganda remain and work in Kampala. The vast majority of these mechanics is not trained professionally. Many have learned in the heap, sometimes making mistakes. Moreover, it will be necessary in your quest for a mechanic, to find the most competent. In all countries, it is quite difficult to find a good mechanic and in Uganda, it is no different.

How to locate a good mechanic in Uganda?

You can find a good mechanic by word of mouth, a friend, an acquaintance who has already dealt with a good technician. It is best to contact people who own vehicles similar to yours. If you continue to have problems with the vehicle after repair, it may be necessary to change the mechanic.

If money is not an issue for you, you can go to large auto dealers such as Toyota, Mazda and others. You will at least be guaranteed to receive quality service by mechanics trained by the dealer. It should be noted, however, that it would be more expensive for you.

What obligations for the mechanic in Uganda?

When you drop your car at a garage in Uganda, the technician is subject to certain obligations. He is subject to a duty of safety and a duty of advice and information. Therefore, he must inform you about the condition of your vehicle and the advisability of the repairs to be carried out. He is also bound by an obligation of result. He must therefore return you a vehicle in operating condition.

What is the obligation of security?

The safety obligation obliges the mechanic to warn the owner of the vehicle that safety-related repairs are necessary. For example, you bring your vehicle to change your tires and he notices that your brakes are not good. He must then inform you of the danger and suggest that you replace them. However, he cannot make repairs without having received your consent in advance.

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