Don’t worry anymore about finding a trusted place to receive cares in Uganda


As you may know, it can be quite risky to drive in Kampala and Uganda. Because of the traffic and of the road damages, car accidents may happen. Let’s hope that such a bad experience will not occur to you. However, it is better to know in advance where the best hospitals of the country are located, just in case.

That is why our team wrote a list of these places for you. Please, read it carefully. You will find key information, such as the hospitals addresses and telephone numbers. We believe that this list will help you to react quickly and efficiently, what can be difficult in shocking moments as car accidents. You will know, for sure, where to go to access the best medical centers and how to contact them.

You can be assured that those hospitals are highly regarded in Uganda and deeply trusted. There is no doubt that they will offer you the best medical cares possible.



Uganda’s Hospitals :


International Hospital Kampala

Address: 4686 Barnabas Road, Kampala

Tel: +256 712 200 400


International Medical Group

Tel: 0772 200 400



Kisiizi Hospital

Address: Church of Uganda, Kisiizi Hospital, P.O Box Kabale

Tel: +256 392 700 806



Kumi Hospital Uganda

Address: Kumi Hospital Ongino, P.O Box 9 Kumi, (U) E.A



We hope that you will have no need to use that list, however as your safety is our concern, we wanted to be sure that you will know where to go in case you had a car accident. 

Be careful driving in Uganda and enjoy living in that country !