To renew or replace a license, the holder must present himself in person to replace or renew his license, but in theory he must be in Uganda. There may be exceptions as appropriate. In addition, according to the URA brochure, an expired license may be renewed for one to three years at any URA permit office.

An application for a new license must be made if a license is not renewed within five years of its issuance or renewal.


Steps to Renew Your Driver's License

According to the brochure, the steps required to obtain a regular driver's license must be followed to renew a license. This same procedure also applies when obtaining a duplicate of a lost or damaged card. However, some documents must be filed as:

  • A police report
  • A copy of a notice published in a newspaper at least two weeks before the application
  • A form for obtaining a replacement license


The applicant must appear in person to sign and obtain his / her license even if there may be exceptions depending on the circumstances and another person could pick up the permit that is issued within three weeks. Although a third party may replace or renew a person's license in exceptional circumstances, the renewal application must be completed by the licensee.

It should also be noted that no new photo is taken, even when the person renews his license after three years.


Renewal of an annulled version of a driver's license

The government stopped using the old version of the driver's license in August 2009. Many applicants are upset that the process for acquiring or renewing is unclear. Although the authorities said it would be possible to renew or convert a former driver's license, the police imposed fines on drivers who did not hold a computerized license.


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