Consumer Cars in Africa

African automotive history is evolving thanks to businesses like Kantanka in Ghana and Innoson Motors in Nigeria.

Here are eight automobiles that are changing the continent's automotive history, produced by seven automakers with African ownership.

The automaker, which is based in South Africa and is one of the oldest in the industry, started operations in 1982. The car is for sale in many countries, primarily in the United States Japan, and Europe. Birkin Cars is well known for creating exquisite replicas of classic cars.

Following are the details;

South African Birkin Cars

The South African-based automaker, which is among the oldest in the sector, began operations in 1982. The car is offered for sale all over the world, especially in the US, Japan, and Europe. Birkin Cars is renowned for producing high-quality replicas of vintage vehicles.

Innoson Motors in Nigeria

They are the first technology company in Nigeria to make cars. At least 500 cars, each costing between N1.5 and N3.5 million to produce in Nigeria by Innoson.

Innoson builds a variety of vehicles in Southwest Nigeria, Anambra, Nigeria, including pickup trucks, SUVs, and buses.

Kantanka Cars in Ghana
The company also offers SUVs such as the Kantanka Opasuo and the Nkunimdie.

Some Africans, including several Ghanaians, have already started driving some of these vehicles made in Ghana. You can buy the cars at the Kantanka showrooms.

The company announced that it would also begin producing electric vehicles.

Kiira Motors in Uganda

KMC has a distinctive range of interests. The Ugandan carmaker is planning to create a hybrid electric vehicle. The Kiira line of cars may herald a new phase for Uganda's auto sector.

Laraaki in Morocco

In 2002, it created its first car, the Laraki Fulgura. Since the Epitome  and Borac that followed it, the organisation has carried on to grow and alter.

Larakis, which cost and over $1 million each, were among the priciest vehicles. They are made uniquely for each buyer and are only conceptual vehicles.

Mobius Motors in Kenya

They debuted the first batch of their budget-friendly cars around the end of the previous year.

The company uses simplified design principles to produce efficient and reasonably priced automobiles to contend with the used cars that control the East African electric car market. Cars designed exclusively for African roads cost roughly $10,000.