is swiftly changing the automotive landscape in Africa. Launched by Africar Group and supported by Stellantis, this platform is currently enhancing the car buying and selling process in South Africa, Morocco, Côte d'Ivoire, Senegal, and Rwanda. With further expansion on the horizon, stands out by injecting trust and transparency into the region's auto market.

Customers of enjoy an array of premium services, including warranties on essential car components, a detailed refund policy, and support services such as roadside assistance and comprehensive insurance and maintenance packages. These offerings make purchasing used vehicles less daunting and more appealing.

"Our vision at is to transform the auto market by providing a reliable, transparent, and customer-focused trading platform," states Axel Peyriere, CEO and co-founder. This customer-centric approach is crucial in a market that has traditionally been perceived as unpredictable and risky.

The collaboration with Stellantis provides with a significant edge, enabling it to offer high standards of service and reliability. This partnership underscores a shared commitment to enhancing the automotive buying experience in Africa, fostering greater economic engagement and mobility across the continent.

As continues to expand, its innovative model is expected to set a new benchmark in the auto trade industry, not just in Africa but globally. By focusing on customer needs and service quality, is driving forward a new era in African automotive commerce.