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Measures are being implemented in Uganda to protect the environment and be less dependent on oil. The government along with private companies in the country are working together to produce vehicles for both personal use and public transportation. In this article we will talk about a motorcycle that does not require gasoline to run.

This is the Roam Air, this electric motorcycle has been designed and manufactured in Africa for Africans. It is not very luxurious and its design is not the best either, but it is very practical: 180 kilometers of autonomy, two removable batteries and space for a passenger and some cargo. Among the advantages of this motorcycle are: it does not make much noise, it does not use gasoline and it is economical, that is, the price for charging the battery is cheaper than charging it with gasoline.

It is a motorcycle that is used by people to get around to work, use it as a motorcycle-taxi or other basic tasks. That is why it is mainly focused on practicality. In the capital of Uganda, some 130,000 motorcycles transporting passengers, like taxis, are mobilized daily. A company called Bodawerk, is in charge of transforming current gasoline-based motorcycles into electric motorcycles.

The German battery company swaps gasoline engines for an electric one for around 500 euros. The Roam Air electric motorcycle is a light, practical vehicle with sufficient autonomy to travel 180 kilometers thanks to the energy provided by its two removable batteries. It has been designed, developed and manufactured in Kenya with the needs of the inhabitants of rural and urban areas in Africa in mind.

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