Having a car of your own is a true blessing. According to a survey, one gets the chance to buy a car 13 times in one's lifetime. This is such an uncommon event to celebrate, but only when you choose the right Car for yourself. There are some simple notable tips one should know about before buying a new car. 

1. Conduct thorough Research:

The buyer should conduct thorough research on vehicles available in the market, their prices, mileage, durability, and most importantly, security features, etc. This will help the buyer in decision-making about a vehicle he is interested in. The buyer should customize the different desired components in one deal, and then he should ask to his pocket before going for the final call.

2. Fit in the Budget:

Always keep in mind the best deal that fulfills your needs the most and suits your budget lines the maximum. Do not rely on the dealer’s suggestions; look into your pocket, and decide the most suitable plan for yourself. Either its monthly plan or the Lump Sum payment plan. Before going for any one of them, add the cost of uncertainty or emergency in any of the car’s unfortunate incidents. You should make a flexible enough plan for yourself to help you meet the payments and uncertainties, if any.

3. Consider all other inescapable costs: 

When you buy a car for a fixed price, it doesn't mean you are done with the money’s outflow in full. You will have to bear so many other costs along with it, its delivery charges, taxation surcharges, registration fee, security features, and most importantly, in case of a big engine for your Car, the big amount of fuel will be consumed, which is not a deniable expense at all. So, consider all these Costs carefully. 

4. Do not forget a Test Drive:

Roth says a test drive will answer you whether the vehicle is good for you or not. After reading an article from a trusted magazine or a website about a vehicle, do not go for that without having a test drive.
You may like a car, by its looks, it features Brand and model, etc. but always be open to brands and models especially. Choose the right one for you after having a solid test drive of your own.

5. Save Money:

You may also have a used car; it can also be affordable to you, but do not compromise over the serious concerns about a used car’s condition. It may cause a loss to you at the time of sale of the same.

Crux:  Buying a car should be fun, Roth says; after doing some research, some test drives, and looking at your budget lines, go for the deal, but do not spoil the fun by over-stressing yourself with overthinking about the Vehicle.