Uganda's environmental management agency will start imposing fines on vehicle owners who drive private cars without rubbish bins. Violators, the agency said in a statement, will have to pay a maximum fine of up to 6 million Ugandan shillings ($1,630), according to a sanctions plan announced yesterday.

Motorists who refuse to pay the fines will be prosecuted and jailed or fined by the courts. Currently, passenger buses traveling long distances in the country are required to have containers, but it is the new requirement for containers in private cars that has caught the attention of Ugandans, with many questioning whether any particular standard is required. .

The agency, for its part, has made it clear that they will define these requirements in a forthcoming modification. “Of all the fines we've announced for environmental violations, this one seems to have gotten the most people's attention. Maybe it's the sheer thrill of having a trash can in the car," the statement said.

With this measure, all car owners in Uganda will be required to carry a garbage container inside their car. This appears to be a very expensive fine, however the measure has come into effect and drivers are required to comply. This is due to the dirt that is in the streets, improvised garbage cans, which does not give a good image to the country. And what do you think of this measure? Should other countries in the region or the world adopt it? 

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