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The Toyota Premio 2020 is a rising talent going through massive changes both in model making and location. Originally made and sold in 2001 in Japan by the Toyota Motor Corporation Japan and having a redesign as a full Premio Car in 2007, it is a profound luxury sedan with reliability and impressive features. The 2020 Toyota Premio has been made in 6 packages with unique exteriors styling and features, these are 1.5 FL, 1.8 XL, 1.5 F EX, 1.8 X EX, 2.0 G package, and 2.0 G EX package.

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The Sedan 2020 Toyota Premio is nothing short of your average size yet reliable, luxurious automobile with impressive features, styling, history, price, and adaptability. It offers a user the most comforting and smooth journeys, which is why it presently is one of the highest on-demand from the Japanese automobile corporation.

At, the Toyota Premio is amongst the top trending cars to purchase for its style, comfort, and class. This automobile has always been an all-time favorite amongst Ugandans who love it for its fashionable body looks, upgraded features, and comfortable interior. 

This eye-catching automobile comes with varied engine sizes offering different transmissions. It comes with an 1800 cc engine given in a four-wheel drive and a 2000 cc and 1500 cc given in a two-wheel-drive only. A 1NZ – FE 16 valve DOHC 4-cylinder engine powers the 1500 cc giving an output of 110 bhp at 6000 RPM, A 2ZR – FAE DOHC 4-cylinder engine powers the 1800 cc giving an output of 140 bhp at 6200 RPM, and lastly a 3ZR – FAE DOHC 4-cylinder engine powers the 2000 cc giving an output of 168 hp at 6200 RPM and also having a considerable capacity, it goes at 1020 kilometer average drive with a fuel tank of 60 liters, therefore, having an average mileage of 15 kilometers.

The Sedan's design and make both in and out gives way to a clean, compelling automobile with luxurious fabric taste. It comes in eight varieties of colors such as frosty green, silver metallic, black mica, dark metallic red, pearl white, metallic twilight mica, white and black Ageha, all stunning and compelling. Much is to be said about this automobile's bodywork, from jewel looking LED headlights and shiny horizontal bar inserted on its front chrome imparted grille, fog lights for assisting drivers in sturdy weathers, to red and white beams at the rear end enhancing its sweet look, and its sixteen-inch rim wheels made from alloy. It has a length of 4550 millimeters, a width of 1695 millimeters, a height of 1470 millimeters, and a curbs weight of 1330 kilograms.

There is no less excitement diving into the interior of this Sedan, its dark wooden red and brownish color blend makes for the perfect suit of luxury and provides the sweet sensation to passengers and drivers. It has synthetic leather-covered seats adjustable to fit users' purposes as well as a headrest in both front and back rows, 4.2 inch LCD touch screen with infotainment connectivity and USB connections, a navigation system, rear internal lights, a DVD player, air conditioning, and heating system. Newer features include pre-crash safety features, automatic high beam lights, Toyota safety sense facility, emergency brake lights, and a lane departure alert system. Its trunk can easily carry heavy loads, making this a comfy, reliable, and relaxing automobile with the touch of stunning style and taste. 

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