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The Toyota Rav4 2019 is the redesigned model of its 2018 make. Rav4 2019 offers you a comfortable drive, easy to use controls, a quiet and safe interior. The 2019 Toyota Rav4 SUV is also available in five different trims, which are the LE, XLE, XLE Premium, Adventure, and LIMITED. If you are wondering which trim you can go for, then picking the Adventure variant of the Rav4 wouldn't be a terrible choice. Because this trim has an extra exterior cladding, including an upgraded all-wheel-drive system that comes with torque-vectoring technology, also the Adventure trim has most of Rav4's preferable features, including an upgraded 8-inch touchscreen, a power liftgate, and premium interior surfaces.

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So what could the Rav4 possibly give to make your driving experience unique? We will look at that below. However, before we proceed, quickly check for a variety of Toyota Rav4 SUVs to purchase in Uganda. The Toyota Rav4 ranks as one of the best portable models to have due to its enhanced and futuristic features.


The Rav4 2019 utilizes a 2.5-liter engine of 203 horsepower, which is 27 higher than its predecessor, the 2018 make. It is not only vibrant and powerful but also more efficient too. Its new engine pairs with an eight-speed automatic transmission and its lighter curb weight compared to the 2018 version help the Rav4 2019 get an EPA-estimated 26 mpg in the city and 35 on highways, which earns it one of the most fuel-efficient crossover SUVs available.

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Inside the Rav4 2019 interior is a spacious and comfortable surrounding. It has a two-row seating system, with the driver and front passenger in the first row and three other passengers in the second. The interior also comes with an easy-to-use LATCH connector to create a safe seating space for children. The driver's seat and steering wheel are easy to adjust, and it has handy controls that are easy to understand, depending on the trim you want to drive, not forgetting to mention its elegant surfaces lining the cabin.

Due to the numerous features of a Toyota Rav4 2019, we will indicate a few of the basic features. As a standard, every Rav4 has an Apple car play, combined with the Toyota Safety sense suite 2.0, which contains adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, and forward collision mitigation with automatic braking. Just like any other SUV brand, if you want more safety features, you would consider upgrading to higher expensive trims to get them.

The Toyota Rav4 has a broad cargo opening. Behind its rear seats, you can get 35.7 cubic feet of capacity. If you fold the rear seats down, you have created a whopping 69.8 cubic feet of space.  The vehicle's glove box and center console are neither remarkably small nor big. However, it still has many useful nooks and good-size shelves to store items, especially sizable door pockets.

Its towing capacity? Most of the Rav4 SUVs have a towing capacity of 1,500 pounds. The Adventure trim can tow 3,500 pounds, which is good enough for its body size.

Rav4 2019 visibility

Being one of the significant features to mention, the Rav4 2019 has slender front pillars that are easy to see around, and there is a gap between them. It also has door-mounted mirrors to ensure that there's no front corner blind spot. Its rearview mirrors are big enough to offer good coverage. There is also a rear three-quarter blind spot and extra windows behind the rear doors. The Rav4 also offers optional surround-view cameras with multiple viewing angles and a rearview camera.

Overall rating

Being a redesigned make, the Toyota Rav4 has a variety of updates, including sleek new bodywork, a new engine, and added safety features and technology. This SUV holds a 7.7 out of 10 for its overall driving performance. The Rav4 has also become the best selling small crossover SUV on the global market, giving it a high profile status. 

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