If you want to buy a used car in Kampala in Uganda, you can search online on the internet or in specialized magazines. You will definitely find a list of brands and models of used cars adapted to your needs. Some televisions have even specialized in the promotion of cars and you will have enough choice.

Describe the city of Kampala

Kampala is the capital of Uganda and the city covers 195 km² and has approximately 1,659,600 inhabitants since the last census of the population. It is a young and dynamic city, a city of contrast where modernity and British colonial heritage meet. The city of Kampala offers various modes of transport, Bus, Taxi or purchase of used cars of your choice.

Buying a used car in Kampala

In these difficult times, the people of Kampala prefer to buy a less expensive used car, rather than a new car. You have several brands that are available from the best sellers of vehicles, but the most popular brands are Toyota 60%, Subaru 50%, Nissan 43%, Mitsubishi and Mercedes 37%.

These brands are much more suited to Africa and the parts are readily available in case of breakdown. You have models such as the Toyota Rav4, Hilux and Land Cruiser that are the most sought after in the market. The Nissan Terrano and the Mercedes-Benz are not to be outdone.

Choosing Your Car Salesman with Tact and Precautions

It is important not to choose your car dealer with lightness because you will regret it later. Make the choice taking into account the brands, prices and quality of available vehicles. Take the time to check the vehicle, especially the engine, and, if possible, have a qualified mechanic who can help you.

An insured car will always be preferable to an uninsured car and it will be necessary to check that all documents of the vehicle are in order. Do not be in a hurry and you will surely make a good deal.