We realize today in Uganda that many cars are very old. In some cities of the country such as Kampala, you would think you are in a city of antiquity, as the cars are old and outdated.

A habit related to ignorance

It will be difficult to explain to Ugandans that some car brand models are no longer used around the world. Yet in cities such as London, Tokyo or Cape Town, there are only new car cuts that are popular with the public. In addition, when you compare the prices of these cars with those used in Uganda, you realize that they are cheaper than the old cars that drive in our cities.

How can we understand this state of affairs?

This can be explained by the policy put in place by the government and the different taxes on imports. The business environment in the automotive sector favors the purchase of old cars and not new ones. When one knows how these cars are polluting the country's ecosystem, one wonders what is going on.

Thus, an old Toyota of 2004 will pay less customs and insurance fees than a 2012 Toyota. So the payment of taxes will be based on the cost of the car, but there is no incentive on the age of the car. Therefore, by buying an older model, you save on taxes. The increase in costs should be compensated by the tax incentive because a newer car will cause less damage to the environment.

Regard to taxes

Users also face another problem with taxes. Indeed, the latter are quite high because they are allocated during the evaluation, which is done by the URA and not according to the invoice of each imported car. The government should encourage people to pay for new cars that are not only less polluting but also have new and safer functions that limit certain accidents on our roads.


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